Dec 9, 2011

National Nature Reserve Karangsambung

Karangsambung is a place in Kebumen, Central Java. there we can find ancient rocks that formed 60-140 million years ago which emerged from ocean floor. According to the geological sciences Karangsambung this happens because once a subduction area, namely the zone of meeting two plates, the Eurasian continental plate and the Indian Ocean plate.

Formerly penunjamannya direction from east to west, and the possible connection of the reef extends towards the south Kalimantan have the same characteristics of the rocks caused by shifting plates of the same process. The meeting will menunjam oceanic plate downward due to gravity is higher than the continental shelf. Subduction continued until the bowels of the earth that have a high temperature and pressure, so that the rock be melted and then nothing appears out of the bowels of the earth. Outcrop of ancient rock-outcrop in Karangsambung slowly appear on the surface due to soil erosion. So it can be concluded that Karangsambung was once a rock bottom of the ocean.

But now what happens is the Australian continental shelf from south to north into the Eurasian plate. Meeting two plates is pointed out as the cause of the emergence of a series of volcanoes in Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok). With the existence of volcanoes, it will be formed from igneous rock-magma.

Geologists call the field of geology as a field geologist Karangsambung comprehensive in the world. It is the traces of the collision of two plates of the earth that occurred 140 million years-90 million years. He is also a meeting of the Indian plate with Asian plate. Regional Lok Ulo is the oldest age pratersier layer is estimated to have 140 million years.

Verbeek (1891), Dutch geologist, was the first person to penelitiaan there. However, the results of new research by Harlof geologically mapped in 1933. Sukendar Asikin is Indonesia's first geologist to review regional geology Karangsambung based on the theory of plate tectonics.

Package tours classified as geological natural attractions, it is most suitable to be enjoyed as well as add reliever kejunuhan of Earth Sciences. Not only for the education community, the general public was able to travel in the region Karangsambung wisatageologi. Geowisata package is more focused on general knowledge related to geological evidence that there is in the region Karangsambung. Additionally, it will obtain knowledge of basic knowledge of geology, such as knowledge of rock types, rock outcrop the ocean floor, Geology Compass knowledge, basic basic map reading and also a presentation from the Staff Research and Conservation Center of Information Karangsambung Earth.

Visitors so far most of it from the education community, both large and entourage which consists of only a few people. Recorded from various schools ranging from kindergarten through high school. Apart from government and from the Geological Experts. but not a few others from the general public.

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